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Zootrain specialises in teaching people how to keep bees and make their own honey. Our mission is to turn more people into confident hobby beekeepers in a safe and fun environment, and thereby help protect the future of the honey bee.

While you don’t have to do a course to learn about beekeeping, it’s highly recommended by the BBKA to learn from an experienced beekeeper how to handle and manage bees (including diseases) before you start out on your own. We set up Zootrain beekeeping courses to enable more people to enjoy this great hobby.

Toby Mason and John Hauxwell are both long-term urban beekeepers who passionately believe it's highly enjoyable and rewarding to keep bees in London.

Toby Mason

Toby Mason picture

Toby has been keeping bees in Regent's Park for 6 years. He took a beekeeping course with North London Beekeepers one summer and fell in love with the weird and wonderful world of bees. Eventually he turned his hobby into a business, making and selling Regents Park Honey.

Before he became a beekeeper, Toby worked in Internet and telecom companies. Toby is a fully qualified chef and trained at Leith's School of Food and Wine. He also has an MA in Human Sciences from Oxford University. He lives in Central London with his wife and young son.

John Hauxwell

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John Hauxwell, a retired architect, started beekeeping 30 years ago when his son came home raving about a beekeeper's talk at his school. "Why don't we keep bees?" soon became "John keeps bees" and the rest is history.

John has been teaching beginners for many years, as well as continuing their development into fully fledged beekeepers. He has a wealth of experience that he shares with everyone who is interested. He always keeps up-to-date on all aspects of practical honey bee husbandry and writes information sheets on the latest techniques.

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Zootrain beekeeping courses
are held in Regent's Park
in Central London, NW1

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